Tailored intelligence at your fingertips—get the precise answers you seek, faster than ever before while protecting your privacy.

What We Do

Answie addresses the challenge of efficiently finding relevant information in vast amounts of online and offline content by taking privacy concerns of enterprises into account. Our semantic search tool understands user queries, swiftly searches through in-house documents, and tools such as Outlook, Sharepoint, Confluence. It highlights only the essential information and finds precise answers based on meaning, not just keywords.

ChatGPT like, an RAG/LLM based semantic search tool

How We Do It

We do this while considering the privacy and security concerns of enterprises, offering on-premise and customized software solutions. We also provide enterprises with continuous customer support, enabling them to utilize the tool effectively and to address any potential technical questions.

Customized Models

We aim for the precision in your own language, local & regional framework with our fine-tuned models


We ensure security and privacy of your data. We can use your proprietary data to handle sensitive information

Customer Support

We provide active customer support for enterprises during installation and integration of the software

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As we are living in the modern world, we know the real struggle of it:
Information Overload.

Enterprises severely suffer from the cost of time of human capital. Our times are valuable. Why bother searching for the precise information for hours instead of using Answie?

Discover Answie

Why We Do It

This technology significantly reduces the time and effort required for obtaining information, thereby solving the problem of information overload and minimizing the cost associated with the time of knowledge workers.

Productivity Boost with Time-Saving

Minimize the costs via time-saving of knowledge workers

Efficient & Effective Operation

Find precise information faster within pile of unstructured information

Improved Decision Making

Make better decisions with clear and instant answers

Increased Job Satisfaction & Engagement

By tackling information overload, increase employee happiness

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